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COGE Design Group stands for superior crafted wedding rings, a fashionable jewelry line in 18K Gold called “Passion Flower”, and a high-end line of men’s cufflinks. Wedding rings by COGE Design Group represent the very latest in known manufacturing technology combined with avant-garde design in comfort-fit style.

In 1995, Dallas based COGE Design Group, a young group of highly motivated designers, teamed up with the EGF production facility in Germany. The goal was to design a widely faceted range of wedding rings – with a strong European touch – for the sophisticated US market. Within a few short years, the collection has found itself firmly placed in today’s U.S. bridal jewelry market. Currently, our collection consists of over 1000 unique, innovative and contemporary styles.

COGE continues to innovate and specialize in high-tech wedding-ring manufacturing. Our unique cold-forming process results in the hardest metal-alloys available on the market today. When measured on the Vickers hardness scale, the Platinum and Palladium alloys range in a reading of 240 Vickers. This is unsurpassed: precious metal that doesn’t dent! In 2010, we introduced a newly patented Sterling/Palladium alloy (patent pending by EGF). Our latest innovation is a vast line of “Mokume’ styled” wedding rings.

In 2005, after recognizing the growing demand for affordable, yet fashionable styles in 18K Gold, COGE launched the “Passion Flower” jewelry collection. The line was immediately met with high sales and strong demand. Designed for the woman of today, “Passion Flower” is a line of endless fresh looks in 18K multicolor Gold, featuring gemstones and diamonds. Now boasting over 300 pieces, “Passion Flower” is more fresh and exciting than ever.